Being Wrong

We’ve all been wrong before. I’ve been wrong many times in my life and I suspect I’ll be wrong again sooner rather than later.

Thinking about those times where I’ve been wrong, one instance always comes to mind: The CD argument.

I’m an old man, and back when personal computers were cheap enough that most people could afford one, I got into a fairly heated argument with a friend. He had just gotten a new tower computer with a CD ROM. This was just about the time when getting software on CD was a new thing. My friend, Bill, said pretty soon we’d be able to burn our own CDs, and I wasn’t having any of it.

“Bill, those are industrial lasers they’re using. You can’t just put one of those in a home computer. Those are expensive machines. What the hell is wrong with you?”

Bill just smiled and nodded because he knew.

Obviously, I was wrong. Way wrong.

I have no other point to this story other than to say I don’t make predictions about where technology will take us next. If someone tells me we’re going to have teleporters in home, I just nod and say, “You’re probably right.”

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